FLAC/DEM Symposium 2013

October 22-24, 2013
Hangzhou, P.R. China

Continuum and Distinct Element Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics - 2013

Proceedings of the 3rd International FLAC/DEM Symposium

The 3rd International FLAC/DEM Symposium was held in Hangzhou, China on October 22-24, 2013. This conference provided a venue for engineers, researchers and computer modelers from around the world to meet, discuss, and share their work performing geotechnical numerical analysis with Itasca continuum software, FLAC and FLAC3D, and discontiuum software UDEC/3DEC and PFC2D/PFC3D.

The proceedings for this symposium contain 65 papers: 45 papers written in English, and 20 papers written in Chinese. (All paper abstracts are provided in English.) The papers are organized in six areas of engineering: application mining, underground construction, stability analysis, soil/structure interaction, dynamic/seismic analysis and hydraulic fracturing. In addition, papers on five special topics are included: synthetic rock mass modeling, materials behavior, user-defined constitutive models, coupled and time-dependent processes and numerical techniques.

A keynote paper given by the first Peter Cundall award recipient is also included in the proceedings. The award presented to Martin Schöpfer is for the paper entitled "The failure envelope of a bonded particle model or rock in three-dimensional stress space" by M. Schöpfer, C. Childs and T. Manzocchi


Papers are available.