Services Provided

Itasca is involved primarily with the geomechanics, hydrogeological and microseismics communities. We solve problems in many industries including mining, civil engineering, oil & gas, manufacturing and power generation. Itasca Australia’s engineers have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • General Geomechanics:
    Structural geology and rock mass characterization.
    Soil characterization. 
  • Open Pit Mining:
    Open pit numerical slope stability analyses in soft and hard-rock environments.
    Numerical analyses for waste dump stability.

    Numerical analyses to assess interaction between open pit and underground openings.
  • Underground Mining:
    Assessment of mining methods and sequencing.
    Stope design.
    Assessment of underground infrastructure stability.
    Surface subsidence evaluation.
    Ground support evaluation and design.
    Caving analyses, including fragmentation, flow, draw control, recovery.
    Microseismic analyses.
    Numerical analyses for exposure stability of underground backfill, and underground bulkhead stability.

  • Civil Engineering:
    Numerical slope stability analyses for surface excavations in soil and rock, including basements and retaining walls.
    Numerical deformation and stability analyses for underground civil excavations, including tunnels and caverns.