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MINNEAPOLIS--Itasca International is pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn Maxwell (Ph.D., SPE DL, SEG DISC) as President and CTO of IMaGE, Itasca Microseismic and Geomechanical Evaluation products and services. IMaGE is a forward-thinking initiative of Itasca’s that combines microseismic excellence with state-of-the-art geomechanical simulations to offer a new standard in engineering hydraulic fracture stimulations for unconventional reservoirs.

The 40th Annual ITA-AITES World Tunneling Congress convened today in Iguassu Falls, Brazil. This lovely part of Brazil with the fabulous waterfalls has drawn over 1000 engineers with interests in tunneling and underground spaces from May 12-14. Itasca is participating in the conference and meeting with prospects and customers to discuss how Itasca’s numerical modeling software can assist participants in resolving their more complicated projects or provide consulting services to this industry.

Engineers and scientists now have access to the most advanced multi-physics Distinct Element Method (DEM) tool for testing, isolating and understanding key physical, geometrical and scale factors influencing complex processes.

PFC 5 draws on a quarter century of experience in the development and use of DEM in manufacturing and materials, civil engineering, mining, oil & gas and power generation. It goes beyond the competition, past the limitations of black boxes and offers many features.

Don’t Wait Another Minute

Itasca is combining its 2D and 3D software courses and adding an extra day to explain advanced topics and applications. An optional fifth day will cover advanced grid and block generation using Rhino and KUBRIX. You don’t want to miss this! Course specialists will outline the reasons for using each type of software. Find out when it is more efficient to use 2D software or when a full 3D analysis is necessary.

PFC 5.0 Coming Soon!

A completely new PFC will be released very soon. If you currently own PFC 4, you have one week left to pre-purchase the upgrade at a substantial savings! Amongst many new features, the new version of PFC allows you to:

Run larger models faster; Construct models more simply and quickly; and Incorporate multi-physics into your models.
Now Featuring Interactive Meshing

Minneapolis, MN (March 20, 2014) Itasca is happy to announce the release of the latest version of its KUBRIX Geo suite of mesh generation tools for earth sciences. KUBRIX Geo works in concert with Itasca’s 3D geomechanical software products. Many improvements have been made to the tetrahedral/hexahedral and convex blocking capabilities of KUBRIX Geo that place it at the forefront of today's mesh generation tools.

Itasca launches the newest version of its Universal Distinct Element Code

Minneapolis, MN (March 18, 2014) Itasca announces today the release of UDEC Version 6, a geomechanical numerical modeling software for use in discontinuous media. UDEC is a very popular two-dimensional product that excels in modeling jointed rock and blocky structures. Joint models and properties can be assigned to individual or multiple sets of discontinuities.

Itasca’s spring training is fast approaching and there is still some space available. Training schedules and registration material can be accessed here. These introductory software courses are geared toward practicing engineers who routinely deal with problems in areas such as soil, rock mechanics and groundwater. The courses are project-oriented, and walk attendees through practical examples while sharing expert tips and recommendations on best practices.

Itasca is happy to announce the Itasca Education Partnership (IEP) software training scholarship application is now available online. This scholarship is for students who are interested in attending our spring software training courses in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The application form is available for download here

Minneapolis, MN (February 27, 2014) Itasca engineers Roger Hart and Augusto Lucarelli will present a short course on, “Geotechnical Engineering Problem Solving using Numerical Modeling,” today at 1:00 PM during the 62nd annual University of Minnesota Geotechnical Engineering Conference (