The New UDEC is here!

Itasca launches the newest version of its Universal Distinct Element Code

Minneapolis, MN (March 18, 2014) Itasca announces today the release of UDEC Version 6, a geomechanical numerical modeling software for use in discontinuous media. UDEC is a very popular two-dimensional product that excels in modeling jointed rock and blocky structures. Joint models and properties can be assigned to individual or multiple sets of discontinuities.

UDEC has been proven effective for years in assisting engineers in modeling joint rock slopes, underground excavations, blast effects, fluid flow through jointed rock, earthquake impact, and deep foundations. UDEC is more efficient and effective now than ever, because it accommodates 64-bit and multiple-core processing. Multithreading can be used in calculating:

  • Zone stress/strain;
  • Contact force/displacement; and
  • Fluid flow.

There are significant benefits in decreased processing time for large projects. Also contributing to faster processing are improvements in calculation methods. A new joint logic and improvements to fluid-flow calculations are key additions as well.

The 64-bit version eliminates the memory restrictions of the 32-bit Windows OS enabling the user to build models that are only limited by the installed memory.

Overall, UDEC Version 6 is more powerful and reliable, faster and flexible, while still exhibiting all of the modeling power of the proven UDEC product family.

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