PFC Version 5.0 launching soon! Pre-Purchase Now

The newest version of Particle Flow Code (PFC) will launch this spring! This new release is an entirely redesigned vision of the software, leveraging automatic multi-threading and improved clump and wall capabilities. PFC 5.0 sets new standards for Distinct Element Method (DEM) simulation speed, accuracy and ease of use. These dramatic computational improvements are accompanied by a new graphical user interface, featuring rapid visualization capabilities and a built-in scripting editor with major enhancements to Itasca’s FISH scripting language. Analyses will be greatly enhanced without limiting what can be modeled.

PFC 5.0 is incredibly versatile and the right tool to engineer your system thanks to its capability of modeling amazingly diverse phenomena from solids fracturing and rock falls to materials mixing and carbon nanotube self-assembly to magnetic interaction and seismicity. PFC 5.0 will be available as PFC Suite (both 2D and 3D codes) and as a stand-alone PFC 2D. Since the 2D and 3D software has been designed to allow for models developed in 2D to be easily transferred to 3D, you can start simulating in 2D to reduce model development time and validation. Experience the power of PFC 5.0 now. Experience the power of PFC 5.0 and pre-purchase now!

For further information about PFC 5.0 or any of its features, please click here, email pfc500[at]itascacg[dot]com, or call 612-371-4711 for a quote today!