New Tools Advance FLAC3D to Version 5.01

The following new updates have been added to the latest FLAC3D release.

  • Automatic zoning between surfaces and layers.
  • Easier creation of Constitutive Models and FISH intrinsic plug-ins.

Automatic zoning makes it even easier to construct advanced numerical models with complex topography and non-intersecting geology. Constitutive model and FISH project templates now can be installed into Microsoft Visual Studio.

This feature is now available at no additional charge to current FLAC3D 5.0 owners. (The update will be available the next time you run FLAC3D or can be downloaded here.)

FLAC3D is a numerical modeling code for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock and structural support in three dimensions to analyze, study and design geotechnical, civil and mining projects.