Itasca’s Software Advisor, Dr. Roger Hart, Shares Itasca’s New Software Training Course Format

Itasca will now combine FLAC and FLAC3D training into one course instead of teaching them separately as we have done in the past. The same format will be followed for UDEC and 3DEC. Can you tell me why this change has been made?


It comes down to exposure. There are many ways to solve engineering problems using numerical modeling. Some engineers have been exposed to one type of software or another and do not have an opportunity to see firsthand what risks and rewards are involved by approaching the same problem with a different perspective. For instance, simulation of advancing excavation/tunnel construction or seismic analysis of a pile-supported wharf can be done either using 2D or 3D software. By exposing attendees to comparisons of both formats, we can demonstrate the benefits and pitfalls of each.



Why should a new user or someone unfamiliar with Itasca software come to these training courses?


New users can get a jump start on building models and understanding the immense potential of using Itasca software for projects. The power of the products is demonstrated through the use of practical application exercises throughout the courses, with guidance on the recommended procedures to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the software.



If I already know how to use 2D and 3D software, why should I come to these training courses?


The training courses allow people to become further adept at using the software. We share our knowledge as working consulting engineers by providing recommended procedures to solve problems in an optimal manner, using tips and suggestions that we have learned through practice. Advanced learners will benefit from our collective experience in using our products for our own projects.



How do I sign up?


Click here for more information on each individual course and here for registration.