Itasca Supports ACG

Itasca Supports ACG - Ground Support Systems Optimisation Research Project

This industry funded ACG research project, which began in 2012, explores whether it is possible to optimise ground support systems, with the aim to maintain, if not improve mine safety, whilst reducing costs and/or time components. The project features three sub-projects: probabilistic ground support design, the use of numerical modelling for ground support design and benchmarking of current ground support design practices. The results from the three sub-projects will feed into the writing of a new comprehensive, yet practical, ground support guide.

Itasca Australia is helping the ACG to understand the mechanical response of a ground support system consisting of bolts, cables and an FRS (Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete) liner during a full scale mine-by trial at an Australian mine. Key elements of this study are explicit representation of the ground support, and direct comparison of modelled and measured ground reaction parameters.