Itasca Sponsors Fragblast 11

Itasca Australia is attending and sponsoring the 11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, also known as ‘FRAGBLAST 11’, to be held from 24-26 August at the Sheraton on the Park hotel in Sydney.

The FRAGBLAST series is the worldwide forum for a scientific and technical update on all aspects of rock blasting and explosives engineering.

Itasca provides consulting services for:

  •     Drilling and blasting engineering;
  •     Stope surface and pit wall design;
  •     Blast optimization:
  •     Fragmentation;
  •     Muckpile profile;
  •     Wall control;
  •     Large-scale destress blasting; and
  •     Design monitoring systems, so that performance can be assessed and optimized.

In addition to conventional analytical and empirical methods, as part of the HSBM consortium, Itasca has developed proprietary tools for blast analysis that can be used to understand blasthole-to-blasthole interaction, optimize fragmentation and throw, and minimize undesirable damage (e.g., smooth blasting for wall control). This unique blasting simulator is capable of modelling a variety of geometries. Blasthole patterns and explosives loading may be defined individually or as groups (patterns). Blo-Up simulation results include final muckpile profile, fragment velocities, blasthole gas pressure, and fragmentation and material distributions. Although Blo-Up is not commercially available, Itasca does use it in consulting work.

Blo-Up simulation showing a section through a 3D bench and subsequent muck pile.