Itasca Announces FLAC/DEM Symposium Program and Papers

Minneapolis, MN (September 19, 2013) Itasca International posted the program and list of papers to be presented at its 3rd International FLAC/DEM Symposium to be held in Hangzhou, China, October 21-25.

After CEO Loren Lorig and Country Host Peter Zhu open the 3rd FLAC/DEM Symposium, speakers selected from around the globe will present original work completed with the aid of Itasca’s suite of continuum, discontinuum and particle flow software on a variety of geotechnical topics.

Monday Presentation Topics

  • Mining
  • User-defined constitutive models
  • Material behavior Numerical techniques

Tuesday Presentation Topics

  • Coupled and time-dependent processes
  • Synthetic rock mass modeling
  • Dynamic/seismic analysis

Wednesday Presentation Topics

  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Stability analysis
  • Underground construction
  • Soil/Structure interaction

Itasca's biennial FLAC/DEM Symposium is intended to spark the dialog among those trying to increase the usefulness of numerical modeling in solving a broad spectrum of engineering problems. Several world-renown keynote speakers will provide thematic overtones to the event, chief among them the winner of the first Peter Cundall Award for best symposium paper, Dr. Martin Schöpfer, University of Vienna. In addition, Drs. Peter Cundall and Charles Fairhurst, pillars of Itasca, will provide commentary on the challenges in earth resources engineering and enhance the discussion by fostering a better understanding and exchange of current and future applications of Itasca's state-of-the art technologies. Other keynote speakers include Dr. David Russell, Itasca’s Chief Software Architect who will share his vision for future Itasca software.

For a complete program schedule and list of papers to be presented, please click here.

The FLAC/DEM Conference is set to be thought-provoking and noteworthy thanks to the selection of innovative work to be presented. Itasca invites all of those interested to register and attend. To learn more about the conference, register and make hotel reservations, please click here.