Introducing KUBRIX Geo Version 14

Now Featuring Interactive Meshing

Minneapolis, MN (March 20, 2014) Itasca is happy to announce the release of the latest version of its KUBRIX Geo suite of mesh generation tools for earth sciences. KUBRIX Geo works in concert with Itasca’s 3D geomechanical software products. Many improvements have been made to the tetrahedral/hexahedral and convex blocking capabilities of KUBRIX Geo that place it at the forefront of today's mesh generation tools.

By far, the most innovative feature of version 14 is the addition of the interactive BlockRanger mesh generator, which adds the ability to KUBRIX Geo to map assemblies of CAD solids into high-quality hexahedral mesh blocks. BlockRanger is a 3D interactive Rhino 5 plug-in that builds precision block-structured hexahedral meshes for FLAC3D. Civil engineering, nuclear-waste disposal and tunneling are only a few of the numerous applications of BlockRanger where precision and control are paramount.

Features of KUBRIX Geo version 14

  • Automatic block-structured hexahedral meshing.
  • Automatic tetrahedral/hexahedral meshing.
  • Automatic hexahedral octree meshing.
  • Hybrid octree/hexahedral/tetrahedral meshing.
  • Automatic convex blocking for 3DEC.
  • Interactive hexahedral mapped meshing with BlockRanger.
  • Interactive convex blocking for 3DEC within Rhino.

KUBRIX Geo version 14 is now one of the most comprehensive mesh generation tools available to the earth sciences community, adding interactive meshing to the unparalleled automatic meshing capabilities of the traditional KUBRIX Geo product.