Archive: October 2013

KUBRIX Geo Version 14.0

KUBRIX Geo Version 14 is a suite of mesh generation tools combining automatic and interactive mesh generation for use with Itasca's 3D geomechanical software products. KUBRIX Geo version 14 is now one of the most comprehensive mesh generation tools available to the earth sciences community thanks to the substantial improvements in its tetrahedral/hexahedral and convex blocking capabilities, and the addition of the interactive BlockRanger hexahedral mesh generator.


Itasca International will be conducting a one-day FLAC training course in Brazil on November 14, 2013.

This flagship of Itasca's numerical modeling software has become the essential tool for geotechnical engineers who need to solve multi-faceted, soil, rock, groundwater and structural support problems. FLAC is the choice of engineers when conventional methods lack the capacity to analyze complex projects.