Archive: October 2012

PFC Version 5 to Launch in 2013

Minneapolis, MN (October 29, 2012) - Itasca will be taking its software and consulting services to Pittsburgh this week when it attends the American Institute of Chemical Engineers conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Beginning Monday, October 29 and running through Wednesday, October 31, the chief discussion topics in Booth 38 will be PFC2D and PFC3D, analytical design software for process engineering and manufacturing.

Analysis examines how excavation disturbance affects claystone and liner over 100,000 years

Montpellier (22-25 October, 2012) - Attendees at the 5th International meeting on “Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement,” organized by ANDRA*, will be introduced to Itasca’s latest technologies for radioactive waste repository within a claystone layer.

Short Course to focus on lateral and seismic loading of pile foundations
Itasca contributions at this week’s ARMS7 include instructing short courses, chairing sessions, presenting keynote speeches and hosting exhibit booth activities
Itasca presents new technologies at San Antonio energy and petroleum meeting

Minneapolis, MN (October 9, 2012) - Attendees at the SPE* Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition will be introduced to Itasca’s latest technologies for geomechanics in oil and gas well completions, hydraulic fracturing and reservoir development for both conventional and unconventional resources. Itasca’s consulting engineering services and software will be on display at our booth in the Exhibition Hall and through two ePosters.