Consulting Services

Itasca is recognized around the globe for our team of engineers and scientists blending practical engineering and field experience with unparalleled knowledge of computer modeling and data analysis techniques.

Itasca approaches all assignments, from the simplest to the most complex, with a solid background in civil engineering and an unparalleled knowledge of state-of-the-art numerical modeling and analysis techniques.

Itasca provides accurate, innovative consulting services and software tools to clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical, materials processing, downstream oil & gas, and agricultural engineering industries.

Itasca offers advanced, first-hand knowledge of mining challenges around the globe and a collective pool of expertise covering a wide range of mine operations from hard to soft rock mining using both open pit and underground techniques.

Successful Oil & Gas production relies on the application of Earth Resources Engineering – engineering the discovery, development, and environmentally responsible use of subsurface earth resources.

Itasca works at the interface between electrical power generation and the subsurface environment that we live on to help develop sustainable power for future generations.