About Itasca Australia

Itasca Australia delivers customer-focused results in consulting, research & development and software training, sales and support.

Consulting: Itasca has an accomplished workforce of highly qualified mining, geological and civil engineers. Backgrounds range from field engineers experienced in all aspects of mining operations to research and development engineers in rock and soil mechanics. Maintaining a broad-based pool of engineering expertise is critical to achieving our goal to provide clients with practical, focused results that produce the most advantageous solutions to their particular problems. Additionally, the diverse background of personnel ensures that staff are thoroughly familiar with typical design and construction issues and are also uniquely equipped to attack challenging or non-standard problems, while providing practical solutions.

Research & Development: Itasca delivers research outcomes to both private companies and academic institutions. High profile projects presently underway include the Mass Mining Technology Project and the CSIRO Large Open Pit Project. Itasca also supports Universities to undertake research and development, both commercial and academic.

Software Sales, Training, Support and Development: The engineers at Itasca Australia are expert users of the Itasca codes. These engineers provide practical client-focused training either on demand, or through the scheduled training courses documented on this website.

Itasca Australia's engineers are located in Melbourne and Brisbane.